Hi fellas, I am Mario!

Mario E. S. Simaremare

 In short, I am a software engineering enthusiast. I am working as a lecturer at Del Institute of Technology (a higher education institution in Indonesia). But, at the time being, I am living in Amsterdam.

 It is obvious that I love my wife and kid for sure. But, beside them, I also love thinking, designing, implementing and of course studying system-software. Other things that I like are doing experimentation about what is in my head and share them to youngsters.

 Well, I used to be in projects, but since leaving Indonesia, I haven't joined any project. But there was a time when I did involed into several large projects, mostly for a national-wide organizations.

 My research interests are in the areas of software engineering (in analysis and architectural design) and programing (especially in things related to object-oriented paradigm).

 I managed to finished my three-year diploma at Del Polytechnic of Informatics and my bachelor degree at University of Indonesia. And, at the moment, I am pursuing my master degree at Vrije Universiteit.

See you around!

(Updated at November 2015)